Matt Ryan joins Berlin Cameron and The United Network as global CEO.

Martin Sorrell, WPP’s CEO states, “Part of our armory at WPP is to have networks with various structures and various appeals. There’s a segment of the market where clients want smaller networks, micro-networks, mini-networks. It makes sense for us to have a network like this.”

#firstleap with #leampmotion @berlincameron

#firstleap with #leampmotion @berlincameron

We are intrigued by the lean startup approach, Steve Blank describes it in the following way in a recent article in the Harvard Business Review. ‘It’s a methodology called the “lean start-up,” and it favors experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition, and iterative design over traditional “big design up front” development.’

BCU had the pleasure to interview Steve Blank where we discussed startups and the concept of pivoting.

Leap Motion + Google Earth

Hand gestures to control Google Earth…looking forward to receiving our Leap Motion

The Berlin Cameron Brand Culture Scroll 

The Berlin Cameron Brand Culture Scroll 

The seemingly endless expanse of dry, salt-cracked earth is a favorite spot for shooting movie scenes, car commercials, and meth labs. After shooting a spot there for (check out AdAge article), Berlin Cameron United can share this Top-Ten list:

Top 10 things you can stumble upon at El Mirage:

  1. Salt
  2. Water
  3. Tire tracks from KITT circa 1985
  4. Shia LaBeouf
  5. Bits and pieces of Maverick’s plane from the filming of Top Gun (RIP Goose!)
  6. Poisonous wildlife
  7. A single strand of Mel Gibson’s hair from the Mad Max:Thunderdome shoot
  8. The Southern California Timing Association, testing the top speed of the Mclaren F1
  9. Meth labs
  10. Two gorgeous models facing off at high noon over a pair of peep-toe pumps by Casadei: You can shop all the looks on

On balance, we strongly recommend you check out the area any chance you get - the mind-blowing terrain and otherworldly feel of El Mirage is a great escape from the familiar.

Cool Hunting is one of our daily destinations for inspiration; a site that publishes stories and videos that highlight creativity and innovation in design, technology, style, culture, food and travel. We had the opportunity to speak with Josh Rubin, one of the founders of Cool Hunting to hear how the site started and how it has evolved.

The talented team from B-Reel came to visit the BCU offices this week to show us some of their awesome work. One piece that we were especially inspired by was the Mind Scaletrix, a R&D project utilizing innovative technologies that lets people race together using their minds, YES their minds. Take a look.

And thanks again to Oscar Tillman, Max Ahlborn of B-Reel and Nicole Salm of Simpatico for stopping by and for inspiring us.

ING DIRECT and Berlin Cameron have teamed up to win three 2012 Stevie Awards! 

The Awards Include One Gold and Two Silver 


  • MONEY Pre-Reg Facebook Page won Gold for Small-Budget Marketing Campaign of the Year (<$3 million) 


  • Electric Orange Fee vs. Free won Silver for Marketing Campaign of the Year - Banking Category 
  • Gift of Saving for Kids won Silver for Retail/Merchandising Marketing Campaign of the Year 

Congratulations to all ING DIRECT & Berlin Cameron team members and  other award recipients  ! 

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